Monday, 12 November 2012

Custom Amigurumi Hamsters

Made to Order Custom Amigurumi Hamsters
I was busy over the weekend crocheting a little group of hamsters as I wanted to give a few examples of how they look to offer custom orders. :)  They make me smile and look cute hanging out together.

So yeah if you're interested and you want your little hamster made up as one of my amigurumi sculptures then check out my etsy shop for a bit more information. :)  Each one comes with it's own ACEO lovingly drawn by me too.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Poppet the Amigurumi Hamster

Poppet the Amigurumi Hamster
Meet Poppet.  I finished crocheting her last night after tweaking an old pattern of mine to make something new. :)  She's a cute little Hamster looking for a new home. She admits to having a bit of a sweet tooth which can make her a little hyper but she hopes you won't hold that against her.

Poppet can be adopted from my etsy shop here. :)