Sunday, 15 June 2008

Amigurumi Forums?

On and off for a little while now I've been searching on the internet trying to find a nice amigurumi forum to join. I thought there would be loads out there to choose from but I can't find any!!!! Actually that's a lie, I found one but it wasn't in English so as nice as it looked I had to rule it out. :(

If anyone knows of any please can you recommend some links? I've found crochet forums of course although I didn't find many of them. There are a couple that are huuuuge with squillions of members and I was hoping to find something a little smaller and more amigurumi based. *sighs*

If it weren't for the fact I spent 5-6 years of my life running a pretty popular forum in the past I'd seriously consider starting my own but I told myself never again when I finally closed my past one so no..... all I want is to find a nice amigurumi forum! Surely there has to be one somewhere that's in English??? :P


oldbagcrafts said...

sadly i can't offer help, but wanted to tell you my son loves your blog! he even recognised your style and screamed 'where macapacca' until i opened my favourites for him!

cutedesigns said...

Oh wow! That's so nice! :D


Arty Allsorts said...

I have noidea about forums but if you still can't find one - perhaps you could start a flickr group and see how much interest happens. You might find someone who knows about forums that way :) Cute beasties by the way :)

Helen said...

Hello! Ravelry has quite a few amigurumi groups on its forums, so it's well worth signing up there if you haven't already:

Hope that helps!

niftyknits said...

I haven't got a clue, sorry! If you do sign up for ravelry, copy and paste your info - I'd typed in LOADS before it decided to clear my page because it didn't like my password - so I never ended up joining ;-)

Kamie said...

Hey! I don't know, but I agree with the Ravelry comment. I'm a member, and it's really cool... So DEFINETELY check that out. There's loads of stuff on the forums on amigurumi... And BY THE WAY, thanks for checking out my blog! I Love yours :D