Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The "Enchanted Forest" Collection

A few weeks ago I started crocheting owls and I loved making them, loved the selection of browns and also the photos taken outside. It was this that started off something new in my mind about a new range of creatures and that's how my "Enchanted Forest" collection begun.

From doodling little creatures on bits of paper to free-styling with yarn I'm really enjoying the outcome so far. :) The story goes...

Alongside our world a parallel world exists, rarely known to anyone. With every full moon a gateway is briefly unlocked between our world and the “Enchanted Forest”– a mysterious world that is home to little creatures who resemble some of the much-loved animals in our own… only with a difference.

This is a Leaf Rustler, rare to find as they are shy creatures who conceal themselves under fallen leaves and quickly scurry away if discovered. If you ever hear rustling in the autumn leaves, tread carefully as it may be one of these little critters.

Up for adoption at my etsy shop. :)

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