Sunday, 18 July 2010

All about the bears!

This last week or so has all been about the bears for me. :)  I started messing about with designs and made the one, and thought he looked quite cute but a little lonely on his own so I made another one.... and then I thought a dark brown bear would go nicely with the little gang so I made him... and then I thought a cream one had to be made... and there I had it - a little gang of chocolate brown bears. :)

They look so cute hanging out with each other and seem to have adopted personalities of their own.

See what I mean? :)

All these bears will be going up for adoption at my etsy shop. :)


niftyknits said...

the top two are definitely "having words"!!!

Mriek said...

They are so cute!!

Sarah said...

So adorable!

out of the frame said...

very cute - and great photos :)

Crochet Christy said...

I can't stop looking at these! They're so sweet!