Saturday, 2 October 2010

UK Etsy Silly Sale Friday 8th October

I'm gearing up my shop for the UK Etsy Silly Sale ready for Friday 8th October.  Click here for Silly Sale items in my etsy shop.

So what is this about? You can view the main info thread here but basically we’re all getting ready for the festive season and clearing the decks before we deck the halls? Why not join in with the UK silly sale so we can all clear out those slow moving items, last season’s colours, discontinued lines and generally make our shops look great for the holiday while making a little money in the process.


niftyknits said...

I'm in - I have started tagging items that will be in the sale and have scheduled my discounted prices to pop up on Friday using this fabulous new tool:

joseph said...

I'm considering this, just not sure if I've the time to list, tag everything...
Good luck with yours though:-)

Claire said...

These ice creams are so sweet!