Thursday, 4 October 2012

Watercolour doodles.

Little Witch Girl
Years ago I loved painting and used to paint a lot but then never seemed to have the time.  On and off I've been trying to pick up watercolours which is a real challenge for me.  It was acrylics I enjoyed using before but I thought I'd try and give myself a challenge, just for fun.  I've also always had a fear of drawing people and much preferred animals. :)  So as well as the watercolour paint challenge I'm going to try and add in some more human type doodles too.

So kicking off my new project today is a little Witch Girl I drew and painted with Halloween in mind and also this little Unicorn.  Well, can't be human all the time, right?

Little Unicorn
I feel a bit clumsy with watercolour and don't really know what I'm doing but I'm enjoying it and that's the main thing.  I'll post more pictures as I finish them. :)  I know there's techniques etc but sometimes I think it's fun to just get stuck in and find your own way.

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