Saturday, 23 May 2009

Etsy Treasury Team

I keep meaning to make a post about the Etsy Treasury Team. :) I've always wanted to get involved with a team on etsy as some of them are so good. One of the main problems I have is time though. What with working full time, having a strong interest in video games and also trying to make time to create my own handmade items it mainly comes down to how much time can I give to the team and what have I got to offer them.

I first found out about the "etteam" (as it's abbreviated to) from a fellow UK etsy user NiftyKnits. It sounded ideal for me. A team that creates treasuries and in the process trying to promote the team's work and also commenting and clicking on each other's selections. :) I love creating treasuries on etsy and browsing at others so I applied to the team and later got accepted. :)

I've been a member for a couple of months or so now and happy to be there. In the team are some very helpful and lovely people who all make such great items - you're spoilt for choice when creating a treasury.

I just wanted to make this post to thank my nice team members, I love being part of the etteam. :D


niftyknits said...

and we loves you right back, cute! Etteam really is fabulous, I'm enjoying learning more about presenting my knits in photos and writing better descriptions and so much more :-) Thanks Etteam!

Pamela Zimmerman said...

You are SO RIGHT. ETTEAM is so fabulous. I learn so much from them, and it is wonderful to have such a wonderful supportive team.

Waterrose said...

What a lovely post! So glad to have met you here and I love your shop and all of your cute creations!