Sunday 2 March 2008

A new challenge.

I thought I'd tell you about the new challenge I set myself a couple of weeks or so ago now. For some this will probably seem like such an easy challenge but for me it seemed like a mountain to climb. :/ I feel a little shy in talking about it incase I fail miserably but this challenge was to teach myself how to crochet.

To give you a bit of history I have tried a couple of times in the past to learn knitting. I think you can make some really cool stuff with knitting. My mum can knit, she's tried to show me and I can do the most simple stitch, I do row after row, I end up dropping stitches, adding them, lol. Not intentionally of course but it just ends up a mess. I get bored I suppose. I dunno. Knitting or crochet just seem a bit alien to me, they don't feel natural whereas cutting out material and sewing it together or picking up a paintbrush does. I'm also not very good at following instructions or patterns, I lack concentration which is another struggle I have learning new things so I really was feeling quite negative about learning crochet.

I so want to be able to crochet! You see my main motive is that over the last few months I have gradually but totally fallen in love with amigurumi. I love it! At first I used to wonder at them, look at them lovingly but never in my mind did I think I would ever attempt it due to my lack of skills in that department. But every now and then I'd see written down, "but crochet is easy". Hmmmm....... easy for you maybe but you are not me!

But a couple of weeks ago I did the unthinkable and made up my mind I was going to try. I got a crochet hook, found my disregarded knitting wool and tried and tried and tried.............. guides on the internet, books, pictures, videos on the internet........ now it hasn't been easy for me but I have found it more enjoyable than knitting. Don't really know why though.

So at this moment in time I am in the process of creating my first ever crochet piece which also happens to be my first ever amigurumi critter. It's the first time I have ever tried and stuck at following a pattern. I've told myself no matter how badly it goes to finish it right to the end from start to finish and to not be too hard on myself...... practise makes perfect right? I shall be doing some more on it today, I only started it yesterday.

Wish me luck on this challenge - it's not an easy one for me but I so want to get there! :/


Kittypinkstars said...

good luck you!!! I have lots of amigurumi books here :) 2008 is supposed to be the year I learn crochet! We can have a joint project!! Then trade lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow hun,
That's REALLY good.
Well done.
I'm exactly the same. I've tried knitting loads, and i can knit squares and rectangles, but i don't have the self discapline to learn.
I really wanted to learn crochet too.
For the same reasons as you!
I bought book and everything, and i just can't do it :(
Maybe i should just keep trying.

madhat said...

Great challenge!
Let's see pictures of your developing work. :o)

madhat said...

Great challenge!
Let's see your developing work. :o)

debsmuddle said...

Good luck with that.You have made me want to have a go now

Tizzalicious said...

I'm trying to learn how to knit and crochet too, it's so hard! Good luck!