Sunday, 20 January 2008

A busy weekend...

I feel like I've had quite a productive weekend this weekend. I think it's because I know I have a busy one coming up next weekend so I'm trying to get some new designs down while they're in my head. :)

I made a bit of a mess of the dining table though and spread out a bit, the picture above is just an example of part of the table. :P I'll clear it up... soon.

Sat down and watched Gladiator while sewing lolli-pops. :) Hadn't watched that film since visitng Rome a few years ago but it was cool to see it again.

I've added a links list on the right side of the nav bar >>>> Please take a look as they are other etsy bloggers I have got to know from the community there. I have also added a paypal widget over on the right also >>>> Just incase any of you want to purchase items and not go through etsy. I will gradually add all the items on there, have started with just a few. :)

1 comment:

Abi B said...

wow cute.. you have been busy!. love the lollipops. so cool!