Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Just saying hello. :)

For years I've kept a personal blog but thought I would now start up one that has more craft content. This is just a quick post to introduce myself and to get things started rather than looking at a blank screen.

I love most art and craft. I enjoy acrylic painting and also dabbled in jewellery making. I enjoy designing my own little characters and then bringing them to life to make my own little gang of plushies. :) Due to me being an animal lover most of my plushies end up being an animal of some sort although I do also design monster/alien types.

I will gradually start introducing some of my creations over the coming days as well as adding links to some of my other fave crafters.


Abi B said...

Woop! welcome to blogger ;)

martita said...

I'm just saying hello too :)
your blog is great but most of all you have amazing ideas for using felt! :) love your work so much!