Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Doodling. :)

Last night I sat down in front of the tele and started doodling some new designs. I enjoy doing that, had the tv on in the background and scribbled away with my felt tips. I've come up with three new designs I like which would be for brooches although it depends if I can get them to transfer to felt ok. Sometimes they look better on paper. :P I will probably have a go at the weekend to see if they work.

On a different subject, the new series of Torchwood starts tonight and I'm looking forward to it as I really enjoyed the first one. Captain Jack is back! :D


Abi B said...

i am ashamed to share that someone gave me john barrowmans solo cd for christmas. we will overlook the fact he is gay and impossibly tanned... and the fact i dont watch torchwood.

cutedesigns said...

Haha! Well one of my friends is going to see him in concert later this year. :D