Sunday, 3 January 2010

Amigurumi Purple Leaf Rustler

Before Christmas I spent quite a bit of time creating woodland items for my etsy shop such as owls, acorns etc and really enjoyed making them. :)  It was then I created a couple of Leaf Rustlers which were my own woodland themed animal based on familiar looking animals with a difference.

Over Christmas I started changing my pattern a little and tweaking it here and there and also tried out some new yarn I bought and was pleased with the result.  A slightly different looking Leaf Rustler but very much loved all the same.  I've made a few different colours and they'll all be appearing at my etsy shop at some point but I thought I would start off with the purple one first. :)


TataniaRosa said...

It's so cute. I love the colours :)

Heroine Industries said...

awww I love it, so cute!

out of the frame said...

he is cute - and i love the name 'leaf rustler'!

niftyknits said...

cute cute cute!!!!