Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The "magic ring".

I felt accomplished last night as I succeeded in learning the "magic ring" in crochet. :D In my book it gives you the easier way of starting off with chain a few stitches then single crochet into the middle which is very easy to do but sometimes it has left a hole in the middle when I've been working on my practise project. Being the perfectionist I am this wasn't good enough. :P

So I sought out the "magic ring" and have tried to learn it on odd occasions. I found a video but sat there and was like, "huh??" after it. :P Found a picture guide but couldn't do it from that. Browsed last night and found another guide and this was the one! Managed it! Woo hoo! So I shall try using this from now on - it's very clever!

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