Monday, 24 March 2008

Sims Castaway completed. :)

Nothing to do with craft but.... yesterday I completed Sims Castaway on my DS. :) It took me much longer than it should have to finish but then I've been so busy lately with the crochet and trying to learn that I've not picked it up as much as I'd liked. Still I really enjoyed the game. I think some might find it frustrating and repetitive if you're more into the action side of games. I enjoyed completing all the tasks.

I could still carry on and collect everything, craft everything, grow everything etc etc but I'm not one of those people that has to complete everything 100% especially when I have other games waiting to play. Nope, I'm happy completing the story part. :)

I've now picked up Diner Dash and didn't know what to expect but I'm loving it so far. Simple but fun. Yes it's repetitive and can get manic at times but it's strangely addictive. I'm feeling such a pull to pick it up and play again today. :D


KiTTYPiNKSTaRS said...

Yay well done! Can I borow it?? :D
I'm still working my way through hotel dusk and sprung!!

cutedesigns said...

Oh cool, I loved Hotel Dusk. :D Completed that one too. I haven't played Sprung, that's the dating one?

KiTTYPiNKSTaRS said...

yes sprung is the dating one. It's so cheesy but fun! And I have as much luck dating on there as I do in reality lol!!